Sunday, April 27, 2008

Elements Restaurant Review @ Sheraton Pattaya

Some people go to Pattaya for the sin.

Some people go to the Pattaya for the sun.

Others want to be by the beach.

Yet others decide its a close place to Bangkok for relaxing.

I, on the other hand, go to Pattaya to eat.

I had a coupon for a free dinner at Elements @ Sheraton Pattaya due to be completed in a few days.

I needed to make full use of my coupon, so I filled up oil to rush to Pattaya to eat my free meal.

I like Sheraton Pattaya. It is not surprising it immediately became an award winning hotel. The feel there is one of total relaxation, beautiful views, though you won't get to play in the beach, but with a swimming pool this nice, who really cares?

Besides, I was there at night, and the weather was balmy; windy enough to sit outside and enjoy the night air. Humid enough to keep your skin from getting dry, but not enough to make you sweat.

Buffet selections were very good; after my dreaded meal at Birds of Paradise @ Sheraton Laguna, I was praying that this meal would do good to the Sheraton name, and it did. I think this buffet is even worth its full price.

The highlight is an outdoor grill of seafood, with the sweet meat of rock lobster.

Food: 46/50

Service was very good, though they were slow when we wanted to order some drinks in between the meal.

Service: 27/30

Atmosphere was perfect, I blame the night :)

Atmosphere: 20/20

Total: 93/100

Brought back some much needed confidence in buffet meals at Sheraton properties. Worth my 2 hour drive going, and 2 hour return to Bangkok.

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Sa-tor....can be known, affectionately in English as the stink bean.

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