Monday, April 28, 2008

Champ Saak Thong @ North Pattaya Review

One of my greatest little pleasures in my visit to Pattaya is a little Khao Nieow Kai Yaang shop in North Pattaya. This little restaurant is a well-known secret amongst Bangkok visitors to Pattaya and also known amongst Pattaya people.

On my last visit there, I found that the number of people at this restaurant had reduced. Fear was that maybe the food quality had gone down with the rising prices of food. That was not to be the case, it was just that they opened another branch in Pattaya Sai 3 closer to Central Pattaya than this one.

You can get to Champ Saak Thong easily if you follow these directions: On North Pattaya road (going towards the beach), look out for Tesco Lotus on your right. Across Lotus is a small soi with "DIFFER" in large letters, and also there is a Thai restaurant there (it will be on your left side). Drive into the soi for about 50 meters, Champ Saak thong is on the right hand side with parking on the left hand side. The soi has not much development, so if you see a lot of development, you're in the wrong soi.

The secret to their Kai Yaang is the honey glaze they put on it. The chicken meat is sweet and juicy, yet onto their paste they added some spice, like tamarind, but I'm not so sure. Sticky rice is sticky rice... som tum there is delicious, the right combination of sweet, sour, and spice. The naam jim jaew is very spicy (you have to ask for the spicy version, or they give you a sweet version). The yum seafood is good due to chunky pieces of fish. Khor moo yang (grilled pig neck) is juicy and meaty.

All in all, good light Esarn food.

Food: 45/50

Service is ok, really, pretty good for a place like this.

Service: 27/30

Atmosphere is ok ok.

Atmosphere: 18/20

Total: 90/100

Excellent value for money, and a must-stop lunch at Pattaya for the Issarn food lovers.

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pitiya said...

ooh! pattaya gai yang! is this the yellowish chicken? love them!