Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pool Side Restaurant Review @ Sheraton Blue Lagoon Hua Hin

The Bkkeater is a firm believer in evolution. After all, how do you explain constant changes in body sizes and brain sizes even as far as recent history amongst humans, and not too far amongst apes and us humans.

But when you go further back, it could just be we came from the sea. We were the biggest fish of them all apparently because now we eat all the other fish, including whales.

In that essence, our food preparations too evolve.

For example, a Naan Pizza?
So simple, yet few have thought of it. I mean, we got a Pita Pizza, but whosoever thought you could add cheeze on a Naan?

Indian food enthusiasts are probably having a cow about it... pun intended.

But as I was getting back to my evolutionary roots (swimming) I was again starved, so I made a stop over at the pool side deck and ordered a pizza with a som tum.

The Som Tum was great, it wasn't spicy, and they used cashews instead of peanuts. Also they gave 2 good size shrimps and the dried shrimp were bigger than what your typical som tum lady sells. Hi-So Som Tum anyone?

The Pizza was a pizza, though the crust tasted Indian, like a Naan... so thats why they call it a Naan Pizza!

It was delicious.

Food: 45/50

Service is what is expected.

Service: 28/30

A nice sala with good views to go with the good eats.

Atmosphere: 19/20

Total: 92/100

Not bad value for money... For STARWOOD CARD HOLDERS!!!

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