Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Savoey Seafood Review @ Patong

One the greatest pleasures in life is the Phuket Lobster.

yes indeed.

The main reason is that it is simply delicious.

The second is that in addition to its wonderfully sweet taste, it is also an aphrodisiac.

It doesn't really get much better than that.

In my search for the ultimate Phuket Lobster (being in Phuket and all, it was the most logical choice), we stopped at Savoey Seafood @ Patong Beach. Now, Savoey is next to another place called Patong Seafood but I picked Savoey for purely materialistic reasons: the fact that they had a beachfront section, and that my lovely wife was looking radiant that night I felt the better atmosphere of the place might suit.

I wasn't wrong. The Phuket lobster was grilled to perfection. Now normally, taking the grilled version of the Phuket Lobster comes with risks, it could get burned or it could be undercooked. The safe bet is to take the Phuket lobster baked in butter, while I like that, the butter taste can overwhelm the taste of the lobster itself. So grilled it was and grilled it was brilliant.

The meat was succulent. It easily peeled off with the spoon and fork, yet it did was not too soft. It was chewy, but not tough. It was sweet, and a small dip into seafood sauce made it perfect.

We accompanied this meal with a nice Khao Phad Poo (Crab fried rice) and Tom Yum Goong. The combination worked perfect. The goong inside the tom yum was nice and chunky. There was good meat in the khao phad poo, not the fake kind of crab mind you. I like it when they make khao phad poo out of the fats from the crab meat itself, too many places overcook it with cooking oil. I prefer it light and flavorful, that way you can eat it with tom yum without getting a full or bloated feeling.

Savoey. You just can't go wrong.

Food: 48/50

Service beat 5 star establishments. All the wait staff seemed chatty and happy. They were very polite and didn't come across like they were trying too hard. They knew their job, and exactly how far they could take their chats without making anyone uncomfortable. What I appreciate most was that it was easy to find them and they didn't need to have 1 staff doing nothing but staring over our table. When our heads turn to look for them, they look back. Almost a Zen-like awareness for our peace and well-being while we satisfied our stomachs.

Service: 30/30

There is nothing I like more than sitting and eating at a place with a view. The patio entrance could throw you off, and remove the food, tables, and chairs, the patio is in pretty bad shape as well.

That I could notice it...

Atmosphere: 17/20

Total: 95/100

Incredible value for money.

I trust Savoey should be like a tourist destination for all upper middle class independent tourists who love seafood. It's just blasphemy to not visit there if you are in Phuket.

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