Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ratchapreuk dam

The wonderful thing about road tripping is seeing the countryside.

Whoever wrote that probably has a fear of flying.

The endless hours of driving alongside trucks, buses, pickups, vans, motorcycles has taught me but one thing: NEVER DRIVE ON ONE LANE ROADS IN THAILAND. Unless of course, you have a low value for your life.

If you do insist on road tripping still, it would be better if you get a driver! That way, your viewjoyment won't be ruined by swerving left and right to avoid overzealous truck and bus drivers.

Road tripping however does have its benefits... you get to enjoy out of the way restaurants!

We took a turn off the main highway to Ratchapreuk Dam. It's a beautiful place, you could even think you were in another country with fjords and what not. It is a great fresh water reservoir. Funnily when we were there, there were some Thai school on a field trip there singing songs from Oasis. Watch the view, and live entertainment from a class full of kids going, "Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you..."

The cool thing of the dam is that on the drive up, the nice windy roads and reaching the part where I cross the dam, I could even feel that I was doing a CRV commercial, but that is another point altogether.

Because after that stop off, I was hungry. And a hungry man is an angry man.

Logic thus told me to drive towards the direction of the Ratchapreuk golf course (where I was bound to get food) rather than the road. The road to the golf course however led me to a restaurant whose name I cannot remember, and didn't write.

And that is exactly what is wonderful about blogs, you're not liable; you can miss a few things and it doesn't matter... especially in a blog that is probably hardly even read by anyone....

I miss eating fish curry; the kind to eat with roti pratha (south Indian/ Singaporean/ Malay style). This restaurant without a name also had a fish curry, I think it was called "Kaeng Phrik" which literally means "Chilli Curry". The curry is made using some mud-fish or "Pla Krabok" or some name like that. The curry was mad mad spicy, so as an accompainiment I ordered Khai Jeow Moo sab (Pork Omelet) as well as bai kra phow gai. Everything was spicy... but yummy.

The food gets high marks because they warn you of their spiciness, and I took it as a challenge, and boy was I challenged...

Food: 45/50

For a place with no customer, they could've at least smiled, said hello, or commented when I told them how beautiful I found the dam. They just seemed bored with life, get some vibrancy people!

Service: 24/30

At least they have the basics, so the atmosphere is not bad, just not any good either.

Atomsphere: 14/20

Total: 83/100

Good value for money. Good luck finding the place!!!

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