Sunday, April 6, 2008

PTT Station

Road tripping. Driving. Tar and concrete below the wheels. Trucks, Pickups, motorcycles, all sharing the highway.

8 hours between Bangkok and the Bkkeater's first destination: Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani.

Midway it was Midday.

We stopped at a PTT station on the side of the road heading North (we u-turned). Both the Mrs. and I felt our hunger pangs at exactly the same second and decided we'll stop at the next eatery on either side of the road, and PTT it was.

A u-turn, a quick peak at a 'Islamic Restaurant' too see if they served any interesting curries, and into PTT food court it was.

2 curries, one of clam (super spicy) and a fish curry (unbelievably spicy). We finished every bite, it was good, good thing we can eat spicy food.

Food: 40/50

Canteen style service, good smiles all around though.

Service: 24/30

There was an atmosphere?

Atmosphere: 5/20

Total: 69/100

At under a 100 baht to eat fish and clams, I'd say it is a great value. The hot stomache did mean ice-cream from the adjacent family mart...

A good option for those on the road.

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