Friday, February 29, 2008

Steak Night @ Neil's Tavern (soi Ruamrudee)

The Bkkeater is a member of a steak-dining club.

Pretty much what we do is go to restaurants, and everyone eats steak. The best part is, we eat exactly the same type of steak in terms of cut and quantity, the only difference is how we like the steaks prepared, and our side dishes.

This time, the steak night outing was to Neil's Tavern. The total number of people going was 8.

Neil's Tavern is a classic western dining establishment in Bangkok. It's been around forever, and a main reason for that is it's fantastic food.

For one, the garlic break is probably the best the Bkkeater has ever had in Bangkok. The escargot was good, not great. Sauteed mushrooms was a bit too dry for the Bkkeater; the smoked Oysters just a little too dry, and they could've honestly bit more generous with the size of the cheese-baked scallop. The Bkkeater even found the cheese to be of a cheap variety, and if it wasn't, then they need to find a way to not make their cheese smell and taste like Kraft... you know the saying.. if it quacks like a duck...

For the record, the Bkkeater would say he definately enjoyed every one of the appetizers and is keeping his judgments based on the fact that this is a fine-dining establishment.

7 of the 8 eaters had Chatauebrand steak, the final took a filet mignon. The Bkkeater took his steak medium, and must say he definately enjoyed it. In the middle were 2 Rock Lobster Thermidors to share.

The steak was a big of a hit-hit-and miss. The first few bites were enjoyable, though there was some inconsistency in the outer end and the middle of the steak. Then again, the Bkkeater had definitely been spoilt by his meal at Reflexions. The second thing was that the steak was going done well up until the Bkkeater had around 20% of his steak remaining and realized there was a taste of saltiness in his every bite. Somehow, the good people at Neil's had left their Steaks preserved with too much salt, and the taste was beginning to show.

The Rock Lobster to share was fantastic, no doubt about that. Can't find fault there.

Overall, its a place with good, but not great food.

Food: 44/50

You tend to get good service at establishment like these. However, they were slow on bringing us the wine, and were even slower to tell us the wine we had ordered finished. We waited 20 mins before finally asking them about the wine to have the waiter answer, "ah yes, the wine, it is finished." Bkkeater says, "Ah yes, why didn't you tell us that sooner??"

There was also a mishap when the waiter forgot to ask one of the diners his salad dressing and whether he wanted his potatoes baked, mashed, or fried.

Both these mishaps should not happen in a place like this.

Service: 26/30

The atmosphere is brilliant. Warm and Cozy: You can be there in a group of friends, a romantic couple, or a family, and somehow it fits you in perfectly.

Atmosphere: 20/20

Total: 90/100

Value for money: Very good.

Why? 8 people, 6 bottles of wine. Scallops, Oysters, Escargot, 8 steaks, 2 Rock Lobsters, and 4 plates of Garlic Bread, 4 viennese chocolate cake for dessert at the cost was 2200 baht per head... not bad at all!

Neil's is defintely a place the Bkkeater will return. It provides great value for money, a cozy atmosphere, and good food. Most likely, the Bkkeater will avoid the cheese-baked scallop and the smoked oysters, and will stick with only the Rock Lobster Thermidor for his main course.

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