Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frankenweiss Beer House

The Bkkeater had eaten here maybe 2 and a half years ago. Can totally remember both the beer, the orange juice, and the old coffee eaten there.

The location of Frankenweiss is all the way out into Puthamonthon Sai 3 and Sai 4. It is on Utthayan road, sometimes referred to as Switzerland in Thailand.

The setting is this big German farmhouse. The waitresses are dressed like Barmaids a la Octoberfest. The weather was nice while I was there, and I got a good seat with a nice view of the 3-4 geese that populate the man made pond.

I must note upon reaching it was crowded, and parking was difficult.

The first dish to arrive was steamed fish with mushrooms, ham, and bamboo. I picked this dish not because I have any clue as to what is good about this restaurant, but because it was so different. And well, the taste was just that, different. I liked it, ok, but not so much that I will ever think about it again.

The second dish was fried duck with sauce. The duck was over fried, I felt, but the sauce made up for it, and was quite tasty.

Final dish to arrive was fried pork leg. The sauce served with the leg was fantastic, and even the meat on the pork leg was very good, very meaty and less fats.

I wasn't too satisfied with my meal, the menu was vast, and I've heard a lot about this place. My conclusion is probably that this restaurant is probably better if you come in a big group and order a wide variety of food while having beer.

Food: 43/50

Service was fantastic. Every need met, and sometimes even before you realized it.

Service: 29/30

The atmosphere was incredible, definately chill, and being a Sukhumvit-person I probably will never drive out of my way to go there, I may just pop by if I'm in the area. I cut points because they would lose a good 60% of their business with the rain.

Atmosphere: 18/20

Total: 91/100

Value for money: Very good. Including a beer, and orange juice, and water, and our 3 dishes (seabass, pork leg, and duck) 900baht.

I would definitely like to get back there with a big group of friends. My final feeling is that the food would probably grade a lot better if I knew how to order and what to order.

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