Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Terra Roku Review (at Grand Millenium Asoke)

Saw an ad for GRAND MILLENIUM SUKHUMVIT via SCB Platinum card.
Spend 3000 baht on the card, get a free night coupon.
Not bad idea I thought, having just read the restaurant introduction on 'Bk Magazine'. Terra Roku, a Japanese-Italian restaurant, 'fusion' I thought.

How wrong I was.

The only 'fusion' dish was a tuna with wasabi-cream sauce with veal (pictured below)

the tuna is on the right, and the veal on the left. The veal was served with a sauce I wouldn't bother remembering, and while the tuna was quite good, crispy on the outside while raw in the middle, the veal was atrocious and tasteless. Not a good start to my meal.

I followed that with a pasta dish. Seafood ravioli with a light tomato sauce. Another disappointing dish.

Finally ended with a Baked Cod with a paste of sundried tomatoes and chillies on the top. On a bed of phak boong.... very surprising. Pictured below.

The taste of the cod was just right, not too soft that it breaks with your fork, but not at all chewy. This dish was the highlight of the evening, and the sweetened red onions only satisfied the palate even more. However, the surprising phak boong bed did not go with the dish.

The dessert (chocolate lava with another name) was good served with green tea ice cream. The outer layer chocolate was sticky and chewy, when it should've just melted in the mouth.

All in all food: 40/50

Service was great, as expected out of any and every 5 star hotel establishment.

Service: 28/30

The atmosphere was, like the food, a hit and miss. They got the right idea, but something, the chemistry just didn't do it for me. Not good for a hotel.

Atmosphere 13/20

Total: 81/100

Value for money:

Worth it only because they gave me a one night stay. I will add that during my stay at the hotel, I definately will NOT eat at the hotel restaurant.

The hotel looks promising. I suppose they need to make a big change on their system of food at Terra Roku. Either they should move or create more 'fusion' dishes in the Italian-Japanese sense, or separate their kitchens. The seating arrangement in the restaurant could use with a few minor changes. What those changes are, I don't know, but they should bring in an interior decorator's opinion to create a more warm feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Actually having eaten at Terra Roku and spoken to the is not supposed to be is supposed to be Italian-Japanese...just that...a menu featuring both Italian and Japanese food....