Sunday, January 20, 2008


I love food.
I love to eat out.
I love to be a critic of the food.
There is not enough information on restaurants in Bangkok online. This blog seeks to give whatever information the Bangkok Eater is able to give.

A restaurant will be surveyed and given ratings according to these weighted average.

Food - 50% of the grade. Lets face it, the main reason to eat and to return to a restaurant is if its food is great! How else can you explain getting back to the same restaurant?

Service - 30%. You can have great food, but if your service is terrible, you just can't cut it.

Atmosphere - 20%. Its the final ingredient.

Value for money - Not part of the grade because in itself, its a make it or break it grade. A restaurant may get a 95% rating, and yet might have low value for money... though not probable but possible. For example, you might get amaaaazing noodles worth 400 baht at a 5 star restaurant that is fantastic, but at 400 baht, it provides low value for money...

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